Saturday, May 21, 2005

Playlist Carnival II

Well, Slublog is at it again with another "Carnival of Playlists." I must admit that this time around, I'm just not consuming that much music. Well, not my own music, anyhow. I'm listening to the radio a lot lately (WIBV "The Alien", 102.1 FM Mt. Vernon, Belleville . . . sorry, no website). So, I hear a lot of songs to which I know neither the titles nor the performers. But here are a few that I do know, along with music I'm listening to from my own collection:

SR-71 - Tomorrow, the title song of their most recent (?) album. To tell the truth, I'm not sure why I like this song. It's just . . . catchy, I guess. Hypnotic, maybe?

Taking Back Sunday - I can't tell what the announcer says the title of the song I hear is. Either Cute Without the 'E' or You Know How I Do.

Thrice - The Artist and The Ambulance, another title song from an album. This song is really cool, and has incredibly catchy tunes and lyrics. I'm surprised it took me this long to discover these guys. Weird.

Dennis Bayne - Songs from his album, Ascents. Former trombone player for FIF does an album based off of the Psalms of Ascents. It's pretty sweet.

Supertones - Songs from their album Hi-Fi Revival. Hey, nobody ever said I listen to brand new music. It's such a shame these guys are calling it quits.

Holland - A few songs from their CD Photographs and Tidalwaves. I don't like too much of the album, though. Some of it is just a little too emo for me.

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra - Always lovin' these guys. This time, I've been listening to their remake of It is Well With My Soul on their first album. I'll tell you what, I love their remakes of classic hymns, but they make it hard to sing them in church; after hearing them redone in an upbeat, big band style, the versions played at church seem like a funeral dirge (as opposed to any other kind of dirge?). Last time Peter said he was curious about Christian Big Band. I'm telling you Pete, head on over to their website and listen to their stuff. They simply don't disappoint.

Other things gracing my mp3 playlists right now are sermons from Ravi Zacharias. Hey, some people listen to music at the gym, I listen to Ravi. Peter said this was about what's on our playlists, right?

So there you have it: music I've been listening to lately. I wouldn't listen to it if it wasn't good, so check it out if you haven't already.

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