Friday, May 27, 2005

A voice for the loonies

So, I'm not a big newspaper reader. I might read a little bit of the national/international news, but mainly I stick to two sections: the comics and the editorials. I love the editorial page. However, despite the conservative nature of the Belleville News Democrat's editorial page, sometimes some extremely nutty liberals have their letters printed. I thought I'd share some of the nuttiness with you today from one of those letters.
... We can maintain our greatness by doing the following: Keeping a more than one-party system to keep check on the other sides. Keeping three branches of government to protect the minority side. It's called a check and balance system. Otherwise you end up with a dictatorship. This is what conservatives really want.

You gotta love liberal moonbattery, eh? Conservatives really want a dictatorship? I don't recall Bush campaigning on that. C'mon people, you want to say that conservatives are trying to ursurp the checks and balances and overthrow the rule of law? Bring proof to the table. This empty rhetoric means nothing, especially with such wild, unsubstantiated statements as that.

The writer continues:
And one of the biggest steps we could take is to start deporting all foreigners, and I mean all. This is not 100 or 200 years ago. This is today. The huddled masses are here, we need no more. This country is overpopulated and 9-11 would not have happened if we had taken a hard line on immigration. I would stop it completely and anyone who came in the past 10 years would have 30 days to leave. But this takes backbone, not political correctness, and real leadership. Bush hasn't got either.

Wow. How many ways is this wrong? Too many to count. If this guy had his way, our country would be in desparate times. Legal immigrants bring great diversity and strength to our nation. I can just think of all the people who affected my life. If this guy had his way? My chemistry research advisor from Columbia: gone. My philosophy professor from England? Gone. The many graduate students in the sciences from China or India? Gone.

I know not all liberals feel this way, but that people are out there clamoring for these ideas scares me dearly.

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