Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Prolonging the Corruption

Some of you may have been following the adscam scandal that has been plaguing the Canadian government. You can check out Captain's Quarters to get caught up. Essentially, the liberal government has been using public dollars to line its own pockets and bribe others in order to maintain power. It is corruption at its finest.

Right now, the conservative party is trying to topple the government with a no-confidence vote (remember, they're a parliamentary democracy; they work differently from the US), but one of the "conservative" parliament members has succumbed to the temptation of bribery, and has accepted a cabinet position in the liberal government, changing the balance of power in parliament, and making a no-confidence vote passing very difficult. (Well, technically, the no-confidence vote was already lost by the liberal government, but they chose to ignore those results; democracy at its finest).

If you look through some of the comments on the post at CQ, you'll see that many of the Canadians are distraught at the outright corruption, and the brash chutzpah with which Martin and the other liberals carry it out. Some contemplate (perhaps jokingly, I can't really tell) leaving Canada.

So, many liberals in America threatened to move to Canada should Bush become president (twice). In Canada, many are considering a move out of Canada because the governing party is showing itself to be thoroughly corrupted.

Oh, the irony.

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