Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Israel defends second front against Lebanon

As time goes on, I find things like this to be less and less of a surprise. As Israel is pounding Hamas into the ground in Gaza, Lebanon-stationed Hezbollah members took advantage of the "distraction" and kidnapped two Israeli soldiers.

Unfortunately for Lebanon, Israel wasn't taking this lying down. Turns out they can fight on two fronts.

I can't offer much in the way of analysis of the situation (Captain Ed is much better for such things), but I do have a one thought. I hear a lot of analysis about why muslims and Middle Eastern countries react to Israel the way they do. As many of these people state themselves, they have the ultimate goal of wiping Israel off the map. If nothing else, let's not forget that when we see things such as this in the news.


Steve the Troll said...

I guess the Palestinians are tired of being left off the map by Israel. Seems fair to me. The only reason Israel has any power is because of zionist sentiments from powerful nations like ours.

Again, if not for religion, the world would be a better place. The Israel/Palestine conflict makes this obvious.

Steve the Troll said...

PS At this point, the best option would be to nuke the whole region. Seriously, would anybody miss it?

Jen said...

Religion isn't so much a cause as an excuse. Even without it, people would still find reasons to hate each other.

Steve the Troll said...

I guess the idea is, if we were all the same and all agreed on ethical humanism and the fact that we don't know why we are here, then we would have no reason to hate each other.

Hal said...

Wishful thinking, Steve. Unless you want to define "ethical," and even then, corruption through power and money will always plague mankind.

It's almost like we're prone to weakness. Go figure.