Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Poisoning the Faithful

According to this story, a man has been arrested in connection with an incident involving tainted grape juice. The man worked at the store where the juice was bought, and it's thought that he poisoned the juice that was eventually sold to a Baptist Church.

At this point, I could only guess as to whether the man is actually guilty of the charges against him. If it is, the entire thing is very sad. The story makes no reference to his motive for doing this. Was it an anti-Christian thing? A practical joke gone bad? An accident? The story doesn't quite say.

It reminds me, though, of the incident last year (or was it further in the past than that?) when several churches were burned down in the south, and eventually several college students were caught. They claimed that it was just a practical joke that went too far. Oh really? I'd have thought you'd realized it "went too far" after you burned down the first church. I heard nothing more about them after they were arrested.

The whole thing is just sad. Burn down churches, it registers for a while on the radar. Poison communion wine/juice and it's a blip. If any of this was done to a mosque, however . . . we'd hear no end to talk of "hate crimes," discrimination, atmosphere of intolerance, etc. etc.

Go figure.


Steve the Troll said...

Regarding burning churches: the theocracy is spreading so quickly, it has almost become necessary!

Regarding Muslims: if we burn a mosque, they freak, but if we kill 40,000 innocent civilians, it's a blip on the radar...

You'd be wise to remember the recent pardoning of a Muslim-turned-Christian who was to be executed in the middle east. That was one guy, it was more than a blip on the radar, and the Christians won that battle!

Hal said...

Oh Steve, I do hope that first part was just a joke.

As far as the Afghani Christian, he was pardoned more out of the embarrassment for the government than anything. And even then, there were mobs ready to finish the job themselves if he should show his face in public. We "won" in the sense that he fled to Italy.

We will have won when Christians don't have to worry about their faith being illegal in a country. We will have won when we don't have to fear death at the hands of an angry mob for the sake of our faith. We will have won when we can freely share our faith in those countries without the threat of death hanging over us.

That'll be your victory, too, seeing as how anything that isn't Islam qualifies for death.