Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Imminent Failure

Hey folks. Sorry for the delays. It's been a busy week.

We have a tradition on campus here at ISU of "chalking the walk." People use chalk to write advertisements for upcoming events, group meetings, or parties on the sidewalks by the dorms and on the quad. The college Democrats and Republicans both have meetings coming up, so they "chalked the walk." It's gotten ugly.

The Republicans did their advertisements last. The most controversial one I could find said, "Oh yeah . . . Bush is still president!" I suppose none of us is above a little gloating (I might not be so forgiving if Kerry were president, but that aside . . .).

The Democrats, on the other hand? "Bush still blows!" And their classic, "Buck Fush in '05." Nice. This is how they draw in members, eh? Nothing promoting their ideas, their activities, their future goals, or anything of the sort . . . just pure, unadulterated hate. Yet more proof that the Democratic party is heading for imminent failure in the next few years if they don't cease this downward spiral.

A lot of people have been ruminating on how the Democrats might draw in more of the average Americans, undecided voters, and middle-of-the-road voters. In the same vein, they lament the end of the part of FDR, Harry Truman, and other Democrats who made the name noble and the party proud. They ask the question, "Will the party take any moments for self-reflection, look within itself, and moderate those voices from the far left that are engulfing them?"

I'd say the answer is a firm "No." There were several good opportunities for this in the choice of party chairman. Several moderate, sane Dems said they wanted the job. Who was voted in? Howard "I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for" Dean.

What I see is mainly symptoms, but they lead me to suspect that the sickness is becoming far more virulent and widespread than hoped for by those Democrats wanting to win future elections, and I think it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Check in later tonight. I'll be posting about some recent Philosophy Club experiences.

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