Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Let the carnival begin!

So, there is a "Carnival of Playlists" taking place over at the Slublog. I thought I'd add my share, but it'll probably be a one time submission. Why? Well, unfortunately, I add new music to my collection very rarely, so I tend to listen to the same stuff quite a bit. Also, I listen to music mostly when I'm in the car (all those 3 hour drive to and from Normal). I don't play a lot of music when I'm just chilling at the computer. Shame on me, I know.

With that in mind, here's the music most prominent in "playlists" right now:

  • Five Iron Frenzy - Specifically, songs like "Cannonball" and "Distant Shores" from their final CD.
  • Denver and the Mile High Orchestra - An incredibly talented band, highly underappreciated. Christian big band? Bring it on. Right now, mostly from their latest album, Good to Go, with songs such as "Good to Go," and "Get Down."
  • Anberlin - Just their first album, Blueprint for the Blackmarket, although they apparently have a new one out. Songs include "Ready Fuels," "Love Song," and "Cold War Transmissions."
  • Anathallo - Okay, so they're not exactly on my playlist, since I don't own their album, but I sure as heck listen to their songs whenever I can find them on the radio. Absolutely fantastic new band with an incredibly creative sound. Songs include "I Thought in My Heart" and "Don't Kid Yourself, You Need a Physician."

Well, okay. In the future, I'll probably include some of the classics that pop up in my play lists from time to time, or whatever new stuff I manage to add to the collection. Until then . . .

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