Friday, March 04, 2005

Where does the time go?

Okay, a I should probably apologize for my absence the last week or so.

I started recovering quite nicely from my previous sickness Sunday, and after I took care of my Inorganic chem. test Tuesday, my week has not been busy at all.

So where have I been?

Well, addiction has reared its ugly head in two forms. The first of which is Scott Kurtz's fantastic webcomic, PvP, also known as Player vs. Player. It's the quintessential webcomic of all things geeky about a group of people running video game magazine (coincidentally named PvP). I've been reading through the archives the last several days, and I've been laughing my head off. It's great, and incredibly creative.

Incidentally, Scott Kurtz, like my favorite blogger Hugh Hewitt, knows how this "internet" thing works. His website is the primary place to read PvP, but he offers his comic to newspapers and magazines for free. Typically, someone might say, "Free?! How can he possibly make any money doing that?!" But it's not a bad investment for him. He gets so many hits, so much traffic, so many sponsors from his website, he doesn't really need the traditional print publications. They would only help boost traffic to his website, and not the other way around.

What a smart guy.

Anyhow, the second source of my addiction is a somewhat old Gamecube game known as Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. It's a fantastic RPG in a similar vein of the Sims. You play a character who has inherited his father's farm and is giving this "country living" thing a try. You raise crops, care for livestock, and woo one of three local ladies in order to marry and produce offspring.

The gameplay is really simple, and yet the addiction never ceases. I don't like to fish, and yet I'll spend ridiculous amounts of time watching a video game character fish. The description sounds boring, and yet it is strangely compelling. I can't explain it.

Anyhow, there you go. It's not political commentary or anything, but it is a plug for two things I find great in the world right now. Probably no more posting today, but I should be back tomorrow with some new posts.

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Nicole (Wiedman) Cox said...

Hal, I am on spring break next week and was thinking about renting Harvest Moon! Crazy! Perhaps now that I hear of your addiction, I should steer clear... I do need to recommend a game to you: Animal Crossing. It is amazing! It's kinda like the Sims, but better and with animals! It evolves in real time and well, it's just fun! Check it out for sure!!!