Monday, March 28, 2005

They forgot Eli Weasel!

Okay, so I guess Scott Adams' readers are overwhelmingly self-hating liberal Americans. Why do I guess this?

I just discovered his 2004 Weasel Awards (just now? Man, I'm behind), and the results aren't pretty. You can see it for yourself by following the link, but here are the relevant results:

Weaseliest Politician: George Bush
Weaseliest Country: America
Weaseliest Pundit: Bill O'Reilly
Weaseliest Industy: Oil
Weaseliest Company: Halliburton
Weaseliest Organization: Religious Fanatics

And here I am, not even knowing that religious fanatics are an actual organization. Dang, and to think I could have gotten my membership card a long time ago!

Oi vey.

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Anonymous said...

You're funny. <3 you.