Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The mathematics of scantily clad women

So, I had this theory.

At ISU (as well as every campus in America), as soon as the weather turns nice in the spring, people flock to the quad in droves. It has been a guaranteed trend that once the temperatures start hitting the 80s, the girls come out in bikinis to catch sun rays.

In turn, I developed a theory: the first day of the year when the temperature met or exceeded 80ºF, girls in bikinis would appear on the quad.

Like I said, I had this theory.

Turns out I saw three girls on the quad today in bikini tops. Catching sun rays. Today's high: 76ºF.


Well, I've revised my theory slightly, and I think it's fitting. As the daytime high temperature approaches 80ºF, the liklihood of seeing bikini-clad women on the quad approaches one.

If I knew how to do it in blogger, I'd write the mathematical notation for that.

Much ado about nothing, eh? My girlfriend thinks it's cute that, upon seeing scantily clad women, my initial reaction is, "Dang! I gotta revise my theorem!"

Fortunately, I long ago came to accept my total geekdom.

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Anonymous said...

you're a nut.