Monday, October 10, 2005

Data that isn't relevant

Because I'm a stats-junkie, I like to peruse the Site-Meter data every so often, just to see what brings people to my site. For example, to see what links (if any) they followed to get here or from where in the world they hail from. I chuckle when I see some of the searches that bring people here (lewd searches involving Japanese women seem to bring people to my essays from my study abroad fairly often). I also chuckle when I see the occasional international hit. I can't imagine what the readers from Brazil or India think of my little blog, although I suppose it's a sign of their thoughts that they don't return.

However, the most interesting one to me was one that happened the other day. It caught my eye because it came from Washington DC, but even more interesting was that it originated from the domain of the House of Representatives.

Hm . . . someone in the House stumbled upon my wee blog? They haven't come back, but I just wonder . . . who was it? So very curious . . .

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