Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rhetorical Warming

CNN has an article about an ice cap in Greenland that is apparently thickening. Of course, this doesn't prevent "scientists" and hyper-panicky activists from claiming that global warming will still kill us all.

Apparently the thickness of this ice shelf is considered an important measure of warming trends. This is one of the reasons I'm skeptical about the evidence for global warming; some measures considered important indicate a warming trend, while others do not.

Not that that matters in this case. The "scientists" (they only quote 1 Russian scientist the entire article, and about matters unrelated to global warming) say that more greenhouse gases trap moisture as well, which causes more ice and snow to form when temperatures are below freezing.

So let me get this straight . . . if the ice cap melts, it's because of global warming . . . if the ice cap thickens, it's because of global warming . . . yes? Gee, I didn't realize we were in such a predicament.

Let me know when some scientist decides what won't prove global warming.

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