Wednesday, October 12, 2005

On Time and Blogging

I know my blogging has been sporadic and superficial lately. I've just been so very busy. Curse this first year of graduate school! As much as I did enjoy my first late night session of grading several hundred exams for the chemistry 101 class, I can't wait for some sort of Christmas break.

As far as news and politics goes . . . I don't have much to write about. There just isn't much happening (in the US, at least)! Let's see, what are the big things to talk about right now?

1) 2008 Candidates: I don't like any of the Republican potentials so far. Big stinkin' deal.

2) DeLay's Troubles: Earle appears to be full of crap, as everything he's done so far indicates that he doesn't have anything on DeLay. The only thing really interesting about this is the media coverage of said event (but then I didn't have to tell you that the media coverage was unbalanced, did I?).

3) Harriet Miers: I can't talk about this. I just can't. It is all the biggest conservative bloggers are talking about, and I can't stand it. You go from such crazy extremes with Hugh Hewitt and Dafydd ab Hugh supporting her fervently; to Jim Geraghty, Captain Ed, and the Powerline guys falling somewhere in the middle; to folks like Michelle Malkin declaring their highest criticisms on Bush for this betrayal.

I normally look to the other conservative bloggers to help make up my mind on such matters, but they're like a pack of dogs fighting over scraps of food; there's a whole lot of scuffling over such a little amount of information that we have. I don't know what to think, and I guess it won't really matter since I have zero input on her nomination anyhow. Could we please cool our heads and remember that there are other important things happening in the world?


Blogging of real note will take place this weekend, unless my progress on my two homework assignments due Monday doesn't progress as I hope.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I think you should quit school.

-Guess Who

Tor said...

You mean you don't think it's super important that Bush winked, cocked his head thirty degrees to the right, licked his lips counterclockwise, and flared his nostrils when he nominated Miers? Of course, we're still waiting for the surveillance footage of the camera that was behind the lectern to see if he was crossing his fingers behind his back when he said "trust me."

Hal said...

Exactly! AS important as SCOTUS nominations are, I just don't CARE about the mindless nature of the debate right now.

I mean, c'mon . . . everybody keeps freaking arguing about qualifications and how "truly" conservative she is. Which is fine, I suppose these are arguments which really do need to take place. But seriously . . . What do we have to argue about so far? Bits and pieces . . . snippets of text. And everyone is making an idiot of themselves over these tiny pieces of information. Gah!

Look, eventually this woman is going to be in front of cameras actually answering questions about what kind of justice she'll be. In the meantime, I JUST don't care!