Friday, October 14, 2005

Things Not to Say to Students

So, today, I was talking to a professor about our first homework assignment, which I really screwed up badly. When I told him that I had concerns about the first homework assignment, his response was, essentially, "Yeah, I'm worried about your performance on the first assignment. It's indicative of a poor handle on the math, and I foresee you having more trouble in the class as the math gets harder and more complicated."

Let's not forget that I cannot get a grade lower than a B in any of my 7 classes this year. So, the results of my first homework set indicate that I will not "get it" in the rest of the class, thus spelling out my doom for passing the class. By not passing the first class, it doesn't matter how I do in any of the following classes because the school will kick me out in June either way.

I'm three weeks in and I'm already FUBAR. Will doubling down help me at all? My professor didn't seem to think so.

I guess I'll be back in Freeburg flipping burgers by June. What a waste of a good college education.

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centuri0n said...

Dude: get a grip. He's a math professor, not a journalism professor. His "opinion" of how you will do does not mean you can't do better. If you can recognize how badly you "handled the math" (whatever that means), there is hope that you can do better.

Get a tutor and bear down. If you need a 3.0 this semester, that's still up to you. If you're on the quarters system, I know a guy who can get you a job ata Christian bookstore ... :)