Thursday, October 06, 2005

Krugman on NPR

So, I was listening to NPR today, and I actually heard Paul Krugman debating this professor from Princeton and Heritage Foundation member (I can't recall his name) regarding the government's response to Katrina. (All quotes are my own synopsis of what took place)

The most interesting part was when they were discussing the school vouchers. Apparently, the Bush administration wants to give school vouchers to parents whose school needs to be rebuilt so that their child can attend school elsewhere. Krugman was having a fit that Bush is "slipping in" his ideological agenda through covert means with something that wouldn't fly anywhere else in the country (hogwash in itself). "Oh no, separation of church and State!" seemed to be the mainstay of his argument.

Unfortunately, when pressed to give an alternative solution, Krugman came up way short, sputtering something about just putting them in other public schools. His debate opponent rightfully asked, "Do you really think the standing schools can accept all of these students? Why not spread them out, share them with the private schools?" Krugman's response: "Uh . . . um . . separation of church and state!" Well, more or less. It was really apparent that he either hadn't thought about the issue at all short of his knee-jerk reaction to vouchers (and it's not like they'll be permanent, Paul) or that he was ridiculously outwitted by his opponent.

Ironically, Krugman was in favor of vouchers in every relief situation (housing, business incentives, rebuilding, etc.) except for schools. Once again demonstrating that there is no issue for the left that can't be overcome by petty partisan politics.

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