Saturday, November 19, 2005

Adrian Rogers Passes

I hadn't heard until I read it on Dr. Mohler's blog: Adrian Rogers has gone to be with the Lord.

I used to listen to him on the radio. He was a phenomenal preacher, every bit of what a preacher ought to be.

Dr. Mohler can eulogize him much better than I. In the meantime, pray for his family and for Pastor Steve Gaines who steps up to take his place.
Dr. Rogers was a lion in our midst -- the man God used to serve as leader and voice for a great resurgence of biblical Christianity. He was a man of tremendous gifts, whose booming voice was matched by a gift for words and a powerful delivery. He dominated the pulpit as few men ever have, preaching the Word and calling sinners to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He was a modern-day "Prince of Preachers" whose personal example served to encourage thousands of others to greater faithfulness in preaching the Word of God.

Adrian Rogers was a man of courage and conviction. He defended truth with verve and vigor. His personal defense of biblical inerrancy and the great truths of the Gospel awakened a generation of Southern Baptists to a crisis in our midst -- and he put his own ministry and reputation on the line for the sake of a denominational recovery and reformation. He matched his defense of the truth with a deep personal respect for the Word of God. To know him was to sense his living faith, his abiding conviction, and his deep love for the Lord.

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