Saturday, November 19, 2005

House Democrats Vote NOT to Leave Iraq

Or "They were for withdrawal before they were against it."

Captain Ed liveblogged on this vote yesterday, but it's worth looking at a few things.

First, the total lack of civility: As Ed describes it, the floor of the House was reduced to screaming at some points. Did we elect children to office? I can't believe how much whining I've heard that the national discourse has become bitter and divided, and yet when given an opportunity to actually use their rhetoric face to face, some of these people resort to debate tactics that even high school students understand as signifying that you've lost the argument.

Second, the complete hypocrisy: Look at the vote record. They voted 403-3 against this measure. Murtha, the one who was on TV two days ago saying that we should withdraw immediately, voted against immediate withdrawal! The whole thing is absurd. I realize that, for all the rhetoric spouted to the media (intended to be consumed by the far-left base), when the votes come around they ultimately vote for the safest position, and the one which won't completely destroy another country and our troops for the sake of integrity. I just have to ask: Whose side are they ultimately on?
I guess the answer is, "their own."

Dafydd over at Big Lizards has an excellent post analyzing this issue. He's absolutely right, too (for whatever that's worth, coming from me).

Update 2
Tom over at Real Clear Politics also has a very good analysis of the event.

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