Wednesday, November 16, 2005

This Vote Stinks

Not much to say about the recent "measure" passed in the Senate. Other people have very excellent criticisms (Hugh, Captain Ed, Michelle Malkin & co.). However, this little bit catches my eye:
That's the line across which next year's mids will be fought. The Democrats, including "moderate" Hillary Clinton, voted en masse to withdraw by the end of 2006, no matter what's going on in Iraq at the time. Clinton's vote was a reversal of her previous stand, which was explicitly against setting out any withdrawal timetables. The Republicans explicitly rejected setting any such timetable in place, as they have consistently done in public statements.

C'mon, you guys. Even Tom Daschle isn't so irresponsible as to think that's realistic (as I reported on here). His take:
The most important part of the speech, I suppose, was the soon to be released plan Daschle will help present as to the future of the troops in Iraq. He calls it, “Strategic Redeployment.” In short, the plan calls for a draw down of 80,000 troops from Iraq beginning in January; this would include all of the guard and reserve forces, who would be completely out by the end of 2006. Twenty thousand of these troops would be sent to Afghanistan to help the fighting there, stop the flow of drugs out of the country, and to find Bin Laden. Finally, the remaining 70,000 troops in Iraq would be augmented by international support and would be completely absent from Iraq by the end of 2007.

As crazy as the Republicans have been acting lately, this just confirms to me why the Democrats remain unable to win elections.

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