Friday, November 18, 2005

Holy Freakin' Crap!

Yikes! Thanks to Bryan Preston linking me near the top at Michelle Malkin's blog (Welcome readers!), I've received more hits today than I do in a regular week!

I need to send that man a gift basket. Muffins, maybe?

(By the way, visitors: Take time to read through my archives. I'd like to think I've written some good stuff in the past, and not all of it is just commentary on the news.)

Aaaaaaand this whole thing put my blog over the 3000 hits mark. That man is definitely getting a muffin basket.

Incidentally, I'll just remind you newcomers that I have an exam and two assignments on Monday (ah, grad school), so I can't say there will be much blogging the rest of the weekend. However, if you come back after Monday morning, I can definitely promise some new posts. (And now I shall sacrifice a goat to the blog-gods so that you all will return).

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