Thursday, November 10, 2005

More SiteMeter Antics

Wow. So far today (11/10/05) I've had some very explorative visitors. When a person shows up, it's a "visit." If they browse through more pages in my blog, each page they load is a "page view."

Well, in the course of today I've had guests with 26 and 17 page views in one visit (a total of 73 page views altogether today). That's a lot, which tells me I have people doing some intense reading here (not that I mind at all!).

So, if you haven't left any comments, why don't you do so? I'd love to hear from people who seem to appreciate the site.

1 comment:

-Murphy said...

That'd be me. I basically read the whole thing, just to get all caught up. But then I was tired and did that whole "sleep" thing instead. At the moment, I still have to grade a bunch of stuff.

Mystery solved.