Thursday, August 04, 2005

First Link!

Talk about surprise of surprises . . . someone has decided to link to this site!

Tor, of Tor's Rants, has a link back to here. I can't be certain when he added it. Technorati says 72 days ago, but I can't verify that.

I'm not sure what brought him here in the first place, but curiosity consumes me as to why he created a link. I'm a fairly conservative Christian, while he is a libertarian Buddhist. Very interesting.

Welcome, Tor (and Tor's readers!). Thanks for the link, and I hope you enjoy what you read.

1 comment:

Tor said...

Hi, I just sauntered across via the "next blog" button, liked the blog and decided to spread the word. Good writing and humor are always appreciated, regardless of political or religious orientation.