Tuesday, August 09, 2005

This Is My Body: Sidenote

If you've never read Centuri0n's blog, I highly recommend it. Very wise man.

Anyhow, he has a dialogue on another website regarding John 6 which some might find relevant to this topic. It orginally came from a CARM thread.

Happy reading.

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Ryan Herr said...

Centuri0n wrote:
Most people, Catholic or Protestant, would probably not have a problem ... to say that Jesus is Himself testifying to bringing redemptive life to the world. The question is whether Jesus is saying, "I bring redemptive life through the ceremony (which I haven't instituted yet) through some metaphysically-supercharged bread which is actually Me," or if Jesus is saying, "You are looking for bread to be a sign to you, but there is something God gives you which cannot see and it is better than merely bread for food."

I hope those aren't the only two choices. Neither describes Catholic belief.