Saturday, August 06, 2005

News and Announcements

The search is over.

Yes, though the Son of Man may have had no place to lay his head, I now have one.

I have found an apartment in Evanston. Yay!

That's all the important stuff for now. Ryan left a whole mess of comments on my posts regarding the Eucharist. You just can't create enough work for me, can you? Ha ha, just a joke. I want to get to those comments at some point. There was a lot of good stuff written in them, some stuff I have to disagree with, and some stuff that I'll need to clarify from before. First, however, I'd rather finish answering your original questions. Eventually, I'll cover all of the material.

This is looking to be a long series. That's okay; I don't read the news much right now, and it'll give me something to write about.

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