Tuesday, August 02, 2005

This Is My Body: Introduction

Ryan has returned from camp, and he has also given me permission to talk straight about the Eucharist. Because this is such a complicated topic, very rich and diverse, I will be devoting individual posts to every one or two questions to keep the post size down.

My main desire is that my writings and any dialogue that results from it can be something glorifying to Christ, constructive in nature, and helpful to my brothers and sisters all around. Sensitive subjects such as this often have the terrible consequences of dividing believers and causing hurt where none is necessary. I'm devoted to finding God's truth, but causing unnecessary division in the body of Christ is not a worthy price. There's an Indian proverb that says that there is no use giving a man a rose after cutting off his nose. Even if I have the best arguments and the most brilliant insight into scripture, it will be worthless if I tear down my brother in bringing it to him, because the true beauty of it will never reach him.

Ryan wrote:
Thanks for taking the time and providing the forum to discuss our faiths. I'm looking forward to be challenged by your response. I may not be able to respond myself again for a few days - I've procrastinated with some of the mundane obligations of the "real world."

I feel for ya, man. There's a lot happening this week for me as well, so I'll get as far into this series as I can. We'll see how much I get out in the next few days.

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