Sunday, August 21, 2005

Late Posting

What, you're surprised?

Lots happening lately. With less than a week before I move off to Evanston, life has been crazy-busy lately. You know, with the whole "trying to fit my entire life into a U-haul" thing.

Translation: I apologize for the lack of posting, but I can't promise when I'll be posting next.

If I dont' get around to it this week, I'll just add that I move on Friday, and my new internet connection should be up by Monday. I say should because we all know what happens when we rely on the timeliness of the cable company.

1 comment:

Ryan Herr said...

Hal, good luck with the packing and moving ... a chore I've always despised.

With you starting grad school and me starting my teaching job, perhaps the pace on the 'This Is My Body' series will need to be very slow, if not suspended.

Also, my responses can be indirect, enigmatic, and overly verbose, which can make responding difficult. Believe me that I'm not trying to be difficult.

Despite our obstacles, if you are able to continue the conversation, please give me an email at so that I know to check your blog. God bless.