Sunday, September 11, 2005

Monsters Among Us

How utterly reprehensible.

Apparently, thousands of phony "charity" websites have sprung up in the aftermath of Katrina, and more appear faster than the FBI can keep them down.

These people aren't just trying to profit off of the misery of others. They are trying to profit off of the good will of others by siphoning off money that would go towards alleving the misery of others.

To those who perform such deeds: Do you sleep soundly at night? Can you look yourself in the mirror, or tell your children honestly how you make money? Can live with yourself, knowing you are literally stealing from those who have lost everything? Do you take money from the hands of beggars without a second thought?

I hope this is not so, because someday you will stand before the God of the universe and will have to account for everything you've ever done. If you repent of your sins and seek his forgiveness, then God will not hold your deeds against you. But if you just don't care, then no amount of money will keep you safe from his wrath.

I'm sorry, that's just the way it is.

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