Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Two Down, One to Go

Well, the Physical Chemistry profiency exam is over.

Yeah . . . I'm not sure I could have prepared for that. My preparation would have been entirely mathematical in nature, and there were maybe 3 or 4 questions on the test that required actual calculations.

So . . . yeah.

Incidentally, funny story about anti-Bush craziness (unrelated, yes). Today while I was in the cafeteria enjoying lunch, I saw this guy come from the book store and proudly display to his friends his new poster highlighting some of the President's more humorous verbal slip-ups.

Not that I'm defending Bush's bad grammar; people who say "nukular" drive me insane. But seriously, doesn't it say something about you that you would buy a freakin' poster to make fun of the guy? I mean, I get excited about politics. I can get worked up about that stuff just like the next guy. But I would never buy a poster that listed all the reasons "Blagojevich sucks," "Obama is a phony," or anything like that. I mean, even Hilary, probably the ultimate example of the weasely politician, doesn't have anything of that sort to her name.

Seriously . . . is politics going to get even worse than this? If so, I think I might start my own country.

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