Sunday, September 18, 2005

Religious Conflict on the Front Lines

And no, I'm not talking about Israel or Iraq. We're talking Louisiana.

This man, a cardiologist named Dr. Stanley Tilinghast, has gone to Louisiana and simply started helping out as he's found need. What a remarkable story.

However, in the Vietnamese community he has found himself helping, there seem to be some borders that the people are unwilling to overcome. The community is deeply divided as "Buddhist" and "Catholic." Two separate aid shelters have been set up, one in the temple and the other in the church. If supplies go to one, believers from the other never see them, because they "belong" to the other group now.

What a tragedy. And what disgraceful behavior from people who claim to be representatives of Jesus Christ.

Okay, it's Mississippi, not Louisiana. The town is Biloxi, and I can't even get the stupid state right. You can clearly see the value of a college degree from ISU, folks.

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