Sunday, September 11, 2005

Strange Citings at Wal-Mart

I really hate going to the Wal-Mart up here. It's always crowded like I couldn't even believe a Wal-Mart could be. But today I saw some things that were just disturbing.

What is it about latino men that they don't want to wear shirts? I mean, I can't say this applies to all latino men, but the two standing next to me in line today (they weren't there together, I was just behind them both) created too much of a coincidence for me.

The first guy was an older man, and he actually was wearing a shirt. It was a buttoned shirt . . . well, the bottom two buttons were closed, anyhow. Otherwise, he had his big, grey, hairy man-chest exposed from the belly-button on up. Not something I needed to see.

The guy in front of him . . . well, technically he was wearing a shirt. If you can actually call it a shirt, that is. It was a tank top made of mesh, and not the acceptable "gym shorts" kind of mesh, but the fish-net "not even pretending to hide my rigid latino nipples" kind of mesh. Utterly disturbing.

But I guess it's not actually limited to latino men. On the way out the door, I saw a black man in a white tank top. This wouldn't be unusual, except his nipple piercings were sticking straight out. If he'd gotten cold, he could take someone's eye out.

Maybe it's just a strange region. I just don't remember seeing much like this back home.

Man, I miss southern Illinois.

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Nicole said...

Southern IL rocks my face off.