Monday, September 05, 2005

Reasons to Hate Tech Support

I'm not sure if it's my own computer, their software, or just a faulty unit, but I had to return a D-Link USB wireless network card. Great type of product, but theirs kept causing windows to reboot everytime it tried to load. Not a good feature for a product . . .

The thing is, I exchanged it for a card of another brand. However, when I plugged it in, it wouldn't connect to my wireless network. Netgear, the maker of my card, demanded that I go online to register their product before I could receive technical support from them.

Hey Johnson, I'm having problems with the device that I bought so I could connect to the internet. If that isn't working, then how in blazes do you expect me to go to your freakin' website to register the product?!

Of course, the tech support guy (Indian, too, to boot) tells me to hook my computer by LAN line directly to the router. Granted, this is a good suggestion, but still unreasonable. Maybe my house isn't set up for such a thing. Maybe I don't have 25 feet of LAN cable to connect these two devices (I do, but that isn't the point here).

I have to go on the internet in order to get help solving the problem with my malfunctioning device which allows me to connect to the internet. You'd think these companies would at least buy us dinner before they do this to us . . .

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