Friday, September 09, 2005

No Duh, Dorothy

Okay, so it became obvious to me this evening that I'm just "not in Kansas anymore." It's one of the dangers of moving to a new city, really.

Some folk from the chem. department were having a party this evening, and I was to attend. The place was somewhere in south Evanston, and was to start at 9. I left for the party at 8:50.

Well, after driving around for nearly an hour, I finally made it back to my apartment at 9:45 after having completely circled the city, headed too far south-west, and then finally gone back north to my place.

I hate new cities. I hate getting lost. I hate it when Mapquest fails me. And, I hate sitting alone on Friday nights.

I'm guessing God didn't want me at that party. Why, I can't say, but I'm trusting his judgement on this one.


Nicole said...

I must cities suck. I've been in ATL for a year now and I still don't feel really comfortable with it!

I hope that you are liking Evanston. I really loved the city when I visited Garrett. The downtown area seems so cool and you are so close to downtown Chicago, its just crazy! Anyway, the point of the blog is to let you know that I feel for you! Hang in there!!!

Christine said...

I second that, Nicole. I've done the same thing here in Louisville several times. It's definitly a bummer. You'll get the hang of it! I know you can do it.