Thursday, August 11, 2016

RPG a Day - Day 11

Today's topic: Which gamer most affected the way that you play?

On this topic, I've gotta give credit to the cast of Fear the Boot. I've been listening to their podcast for years, even before I started into RPGs in the first place. They've been a constant source of gaming advice over the years, not to mention a great source of entertainment.

If you wanted to summarize their gaming advice, it would boil down to "Don't be a jerk to your fellow players, and talk about your disagreements like adults." Which is great, but you can't make a podcast out of that little bit. Thankfully, the FtB hosts always have a great deal to say about all the various things that make the hobby so much fun.

If you've never listened to it, consider giving it a go. There is an obvious love for the hobby in their work. They definitely have fun when recording their show, as evidenced by the number of "bonus" episodes where they can't actually stay on a gaming topic. Plus, their show is very well edited, so you don't get the weird pauses and cross-talk that happens in some amateur podcasts. (I say amateur because none of the hosts actually get paid for making the show. They did start a Patreon this year, but that is largely to pay someone else to edit the episodes for them, as it's become too time-consuming for Dan to handle.)

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