Sunday, August 14, 2016

RPG a Day - Day 14

I can't really say anything interesting about today's topic. Instead, I'll cover one of the topics from last year: What is your favorite media property you wish was an RPG?

I had to think on this one a while, because an awful lot of my favorite media properties already are RPGs, or at least have one in their name.

I think a really interesting game could be made from Deus Ex. It's a series of action games with strong cyberpunk elements focusing on the discovery and disruption of vast government conspiracies. The games were great fun. (Well, except for that one.) 

Of course, I know there's already one big cyberpunk RPG out there. Is another property really necessary? Wouldn't it be easier to just import the setting while using the system?

It can vary. Sometimes you can get away with adopting an existing system to a property and just ignoring the rules that aren't relevant and house-ruling the things that need to be specific. Other times crafting a ruleset specific to the setting makes for a better game, as it accounts for the idiosyncracies particular to that property.

Which category does Deus Ex fall into? I've only played Shadowrun once, so I can't really say with any certainty if it does the job or not. I wouldn't mind seeing a take on it, though. 
We definitely didn't ask for this.


pious agnostic said...

I'll be honest: I'd love a Futurama game.

Hal said...

You know, I had the exact same thought, but I have no idea how well it'd work. It would have to be a comedy game, and I have no experience with comedy games.