Thursday, August 04, 2016

RPG a Day - Day 4

Today's gaming topic: What is the most impressive thing another's character did?

I know exactly the story I want to tell here, and I love telling it. Sadly, I can't remember which character this gets attributed to, but it's a good story all the same.

My players were to infiltrate the keep in a heavily fortified city. Their contact with the local Resistance offered them a few possible options for getting in. One option involved the commanding General of the garrison in this place, whose birthday was being celebrated in the keep that night; they could enter as guests and then sneak off to conclude their business. 

The option they went with was to pose as arcane technicians. Due to recent hostilities, the military was upgrading the magical defenses and wards for their most important facilities, and this keep was getting the treatment that day. The players posed as apprentices there to learn the enchantments that would be applied around the keep. 

Of course, they didn't fool the military's wizard, given their general lack of magical ability, and he attacked them, along with his enormous arcane golem. He was quickly defeated, of course.

After the battle, the players were resolved to go about their business, but they determined that they'd need a diversion. The last thing they needed was to bring the entire garrison down on their heads in the midst of their infiltration. 

Hmm . . .
"Hey, didn't you say the wizard was controlling this thing with a rod of some kind?"

Well, yes.

"And it survived the battle?"

Hrm. Sure, why not?

"Can our wizard figure out how to steer this thing?"

 . . . Well, give me an Arcana roll.

And that is the story of how the General's birthday party was ruined by a rampaging golem.

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