Monday, August 29, 2016

RPG a Day - Day 29

Today's topic: You can game anywhere on Earth; where do you game?

Easily, that's Richard Garriott's (former) home. That place would have some serious atmosphere for a game.

On a more substantial topic, I think the choice of gaming location is worth exploring. So today's actual topic is going to be: Where do you prefer to do your gaming?

I know of four major locations people do their gaming:

  • Someone's home
  • Game store
  • Bar/Restaurant
  • Some other public venue
I've only done the first two. Of them, my preference is definitely to game in a home. 

There's certainly advantages to be drawn from gaming in a store. You can meet new people and attract others to your game, if you're in need. Store owners like having people in their store having fun, so a gaming group can be good "advertisement," even if they don't buy much during their time there. Unfortunately, I've found game stores to be too loud to be conducive to role-playing, and often times "meeting people" devolves into looky-loos making your players uncomfortable. 

Playing at someone's home can be much more comfortable; you don't have to worry about the distractions of other gamers, although the distraction of spouses or children can counter-balance that benefit. You have much more leeway with game time that isn't centered around store hours. You're also much less restricted in terms of food and beverage, which is a definite advantage.

That's partially why some people game at bars or restaurants; I've never seen this, but I've heard stories. It just doesn't seem like a good environment for it, though. It's highly public, so "enthusiastic" gaming is unlikely to be appreciated, and you're limited to the time a business has patience for you. If it's a busy period, they're not likely to appreciate you taking up a table for four hours.
"I don't care if Middle Earth is in danger, either buy more food or get out."
As for other, I hear some people will play at libraries, or at school after classes get out. A friend of mine used to belong to a "social club" for gamers that provided gaming space. I'm sure these have their advantages, although I imagine the first two are chosen out of necessity or convenience.

All the same, my preference remains home gaming. More comfortable, fewer restrictions, free reign on food. 

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