Tuesday, August 16, 2016

RPG a Day - Day 16

I don't care for the scheduled topic for today, so I'll grab one from yesteryear: What's your favorite RPG accessory?

For this, it would have to be my dice box. Find me a gamer who doesn't revel in his method for storing and transporting dice? A lot of people start off with the classic Crown Royal bag. Just google "dice bag" and you can see the wide variety people make them in. They come in chain mail, they come in scales, they look like monsters, they look like people. As I recall, one of the Fear the Boot hosts has a dice bag made from a kangaroo's scrotum. (Although I hear it's probably wallaby.)

My dice box isn't nearly so exotic, but I still love it. The box itself looks like a big six-sided die, so I'm storing my dice in a die. Silly? Sure. Nerdy pleasure? Oh, yes.

It's not a great transport method, mind you. It doesn't fit well in any bags, it's bulky, it takes up a lot of room at the table, and digging dice out of it is a noisy affair. Still, it's mine and I love it.
Very similar to this. 

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