Monday, April 11, 2005

Another professor who gets it wrong (redux)

Dr. Jamal Nassar, while having an extraordinary background and being very well learned and accomplished, just doesn't seem to get it when it comes to the happenings in Iraq. Today's article in the Vidette really captured this well (see link).

The text is mainly about him and his brother speaking at a seminar this past week. However, here are some noteworthy quotes:
Jamal Nassar also took time to predict the future of Iraq. "Given the current state of nationalism," he said, "I see Iraq continuing to rebel."He forecasted that the United States will make treaties governing oil before pulling out of the country and that these treaties will become null and void when the government is inevitably overthrown. He then said Iraq will go back to being an enemy of the United States.
Yeah. Dr. Nassar, here's the thing: I know you think the Iraqis don't want us there, and that's by and large true. However, the full truth is that most Iraqis, while not wanting us there, understand that the alternative is far, far worse. They're willing to put up with the American presence until they no longer have to worry about bombs and gunmen showing up and killing them. If the US weren't there, they'd have that to worry about. The only people who are adamantly against the US being there period are the psychotic radicals whose goal is to establish an extremist Islamic state. And as the people of Iraq have shown, they don't want that.

Who will overthrow the current government, Jamal? The people are actually taking hold of their own fate, and the Sunni insurgents are being less and less marginalized, as I've already posted. If this government lasts (and I predict it will, because the people are the ones expressing the power now, not a mad dictator; and I sincerely doubt one will come back, as the people, having gotten their taste of freedom, will not put up with one), it will always be a friend of the United States, because they will always remember who freed them from the bootheel of oppression.

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