Thursday, April 21, 2005

Religious Bias at the Vidette

There is an article here (see link) in the Daily Vidette, the Illinois State student newspaper, that some "hangout" noise is bothering some local residents. Here is a relevant passage:

It is 9 p.m. on a Tuesday night and the walls of senior telecommunications management major Jim Rohde's apartment are shaking. "The thing is," Rohde said, "is that there is a band below my house." Rohde, as well as his three roommates, live above The 707, a hangout for a Youth Group from the First Assembly of God in Normal. He said since the beginning of this year the group's noise levels are out of hand. "[Young America] said there was a small community center downstairs mostly used for worship," Rohde said. "They told us it was supposed to be two hours a week." However, within the last year, Rohde says the noise and usage have both escalated. Just last week, he said, the group used the facility six days. Rohde described some nights as being as loud as a Dave Matthews Band concert and said his grades, as well as his roommates', have been effected.

I have sympathy for them as well. But that's the problem.

I lived in a Young America apartment for one semester. I had neighbors who had loud parties, and when I say loud I mean "can't hear yourself think" loud, at all hours of the night all weekend long. Many weekends, the parties wouldn't even begin until 1AM. I called the police on many occasion.

That didn't warrant an article in the paper. But this does? Talk about double standards. This is "news" because the people are bothered by the noise of a Christian group worshipping and holding concerts (well, the organizers of the concerts are Christians, at least). But general college partying? Oh, well that's expected to bother the neighbors. Not news at all.

Besides, why can't these guys do what I always did: Go find a quiet place somewhere else to study?

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