Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Silly Government Initiatives

I'm sure you've read about this before, but one more foray into the mix isn't going to hurt you. (See the link above)

Peter Cook, author of the Slublog, also has a regular column at the Republican Journal. In the most recent, he talks about the adjustments made to Cooking Monster, who now sings that "A cookie is a sometimes food."

Here's my favorite excerpt:
Next, I hear they are going to change the name of Oscar the Grouch to Oscar the Sometimes Inappropriately Disgruntled. After all, the number of incidents of bad behavior in schools and at sports events is on the rise - a sure sign there's a puppet involved. If PBS really wanted to make a difference, they would leave Cookie Monster alone and immediately punish the person responsible for unleashing Elmo into the popular culture.

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