Wednesday, April 13, 2005

If you were looking for a definition of "evil"

So, apparently some boys at this high school in Ohio forced a girl with mental disabilities to perform oral sex on them, in an auditorium, while others watched. The principle cautioned the father not to call 911 for fear of media attention. He very rightly called the police.

So far, the principle has been fired, and four boys have been suspended from school. I don't know if anybody else is going to be punished, but I do sincerely hope that all of those responsible are swiftly brought to justice, and all of the administration that made their own fate, rather than justice for that poor girl, their primary concern receive due punishment as well.

Some members of the philosophy club here think there is no such thing as evil. I hear about events like this and wonder how they can reach such a conclusion.

According to a longer version of the same article (sorry, I can't provide a link; it's registration required) from the Chicago Tribune, the administrators reviewed the tape and determined that the sex was "consensual." Excuse me? Since when does consensual oral sex cause a person to bleed from the mouth? What would incline a special education student to fellate two students while several others watched? On what aspects of the tape did they base this conclusion?

Urgh. I'm not inclined to believe those administrators. This seems like another incidence of "blame the victim." But perhaps they'll offer some sort of justification, and we'll see.

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