Monday, April 11, 2005

Where do they get these people?

Dang. This . . . is . . . sad. The latest "editorial" column by a member of the Daily Vidette staff, and it's awful. Her top 10 favorite foods from restaurants around Bloomington-Normal. Now, don't get me wrong, a lot of the things she's mentioned here are actually quite tasty. My problem is that she has zero imagination. Bloomington-Normal is (supposedly) ranked number one in the country for number of restaurants per capita. That's a lot of restaurants. And yet, of the restaurants she's listed, only three of them are unique to Bloomington-Normal (that I'm aware of). There's a fourth that might be, but it's just another "Australian steak-house" clone, so I don't think it's all that original.

Yeesh. There are some awesome restaurants around here that you won't find anywhere else. Why can't this girl actually have an open mind and go out and try something different?

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