Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"Next Blog" Evangelism

A poster at CARM/blogger who goes by the handle "Centuri0n" has an excellent post about the balance of apologetics and evangelism in the blogosphere. If you're a Christian, you would do well to read it.

I sympathize with him greatly. I started this blog so that I could write about news, political, and cultural events from a Christian standpoint, although often this bleeds over into a politically conservative perspective.

Perhaps sometimes I become too wrapped up in the "news/cultural analysis" aspect and forget the "Go and make disciples of all nations" thing. Where is the balance? I don't have an answer to that at the moment.

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centuri0n said...

I wonder: when Paul got his sight back, and then spent years in the wilderness getting edumacated by the Holy Spirit in the Gospel, do you think he wondered, "what if I tell people about Jesus and nobody listens?"

I don't think he did. I think he took the game to the people and played until the literally carried him off. The Boys on Bikes don't care if you listen; the guys with the comic books don't care if you listen; the pomos and the emergents don't care if you listen. But they won't shut up, either.

Why should we who actually have the truth shut up because we thing or are afraid that nobody's listening?

Get the truth. Pass it on. You. Personally.