Thursday, April 21, 2005


This week's Impromptus column by Jay Nordlinger of NRO. Always worth a read.

A portion I, again, find particularly relevant:
Speaking of the stinkin’ U.N.: The vote on the human-rights committee to condemn
Castro’s Cuba was 21 to 17, with 15 abstaining. That is, 21 countries voted for the resolution of condemnation, 17 voted against, and 15 abstained. Let’s have a look at the roll call, shall we? It makes for interesting reading. I’ll go alphabetically.

Argentina abstained — bastards. Brazil abstained — ditto. (Lula really protecting his left flank, huh? His core supporters must love torture, murder, and total repression. At least Lula didn’t vote no.) Canada voted yes — sort of shocking. What is Canada’s beef with Cuba? They have warm trade relations, warm tourism relations, warm
everything relations. Hell, Castro was a pallbearer at Pierre Trudeau’s funeral. (So was Jimmy Carter.) I find it amazing that Canada voted yes.

China voted no, of course — the Communist brutes sticking together. Congo voted no — beautiful. Cuba — guess what?! — Cuba voted no! (You knew that Castro sits on
the human-rights committee, right?) Egypt voted no. Yep, good boy, Hosni: You
need to stick with the likes of Fidel. France voted yes — a little surprised. I’m pretty sure that the entire French establishment thinks better of Castro than of, say, President Bush. And Germany voted yes.

India voted no. India! Why? This great democracy, this glorious chunk of the Anglosphere, this recipient of the liberal democratic tradition. What are they doing, going and voting for Castro’s gulag, and against its innocent inmates?

Indonesia voted no, which is perfect — confirming my view of that government. Nigeria voted no — and President Obasanjo seems like such a nice man, when he visits Davos, in his flowing robes.

Russia voted no — does Putin realize that Castro is no longer a client? Saudi Arabia voted yes! Very interesting, that. Must be a matter of U.S.-Saudi relations. Sudan voted no — thank heavens. Ukraine voted yes — Yushchenko and that government have no truck with Castro at all. Yushchenko is a democrat.

Finally — down to the Z’s — Zimbabwe voted no: Again, like sticks with like. Bob M. and Fidel: a beautiful couple.

Anyway . . .

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