Saturday, April 16, 2005

Chinese "Protesters"

Some of these writers are just never going to get it.

Thousands of people take to the streets in major cities in China. They throw rocks at windows of the Japanese consulate, overturning cars, destroying Japanese shops and restaurants, and the AP has the audacity to refer to these as protesters? Demonstrators? Newsflash! That is a R-I-O-T. There is no other sufficient word to describe it!

In any case, it's the oldest political trick in the book. Rather than let the people become upset with the state of affairs in their own country, take time to get upset about the atrocities their own government is committing against them, the communist government in China instead foments unrest amongst the people regarding supposed "insults" and encroachments against their country by someone else. In this case, it's Japan. Typically, it's the US, but Japan must've made itself a convenient target this time around.

I seriously hope the Chinese people see past this ruse and come to realize the ruthlessness of the government they live under.


Anonymous said...

Just a thought that maybe you should actually do some real research on some of the issues you post about. There is no denying that this was a riot, but it was not about people being upset about the political state in their own country, but rather about the past history between two nations. The news reports I read clearly state that the riots were in regards to Japanese downplay of its atrocities against China during World War II. Since I doubt that you have ever read anything about such atrocities, I'll just hit some of the high points. When Japan invaded China during WWII there was widespread looting, murder and rape. One Japanese newspaper published the results of a contest between two Japanese soldiers to see who could cut the most head off Chinese. I believe the winner was somewhere over 100 (note these were civilians they were competing over). If you feel the need to validate this is not a "liberal lie" I would be happy to send you the primary source. Also, please don't construe this as defending riots, but you really should check facts in places other than conservative blogs before you publicize such obviously misinformed opinions. Plus, from reading the rest of your posts I find it difficult to believe you are looking at any of these issues with an open mind, and remember that it is difficult to effectively argue a position without truly understanding the opposing one.

Hal said...

Let it never be said that I don't appreciate comments, negative or otherwise.

Thank you, Alecia, for the history lesson, but it is unneeded. Such topics are brought up in most of the MSM articles discussing the issue. If you didn't notice, I linked to an article on CNN in the original post. In fact, I have read very few (if any) conservative opinions on this topic.

But I think Chinese citizens getting into riots about WWII atrocities rather misses the mark. What should be bothering them more, atrocities committed against them many decades ago during war, or atrocities committed against them today by their own government? My argument is that they should really focus on the latter, and not the former. But then, guess which one the government will let them focus on?