Thursday, April 07, 2005

Yes, let's remember North Korea

Oh, let's not leave Kim hanging. Heaven forbid.

My interpretation of US policy with North Korea in the Bush administration has been that dealing with him ("him" being Kim Jong-Il) is not fruitful. He makes a lot of demands and wants to give nothing in return. He is like a spoiled child in so many ways. In this way, rather than give him the attention he most obviously wants and wasting time, let him wallow in isolation for a while. When he's actually ready to reasonably talk with the international community, then perhaps the US will step in more. Although it's not exactly like this guy has been completely ignored the entire time Bush has held office. And I'm quite positive that, if the situation warranted, the US has plans in reserve for dealing forcefully with North Korea.

As long as we're on the subject, let's not forget the total situation of North Korea. The Chosun Journal is constantly documenting human rights violations by North Korea. They have a record that is just obscene. In light of that, what kind of approach to diplomacy would be appropriate? I'd have trouble shaking hands with someone who I knew to be a unrepentant torturer/murderer.

So, let's not forget North Korea. The regime in power there does not deserve to be molly-coddled the way Clinton/Albright did with them. Their record shows that wholly.

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