Sunday, April 17, 2005

China refuses to apologize to Japan

So, China has apparently refused to apologize to Japan for its role in the "demonstrations" that have been taking place lately.
"The Chinese government has never done anything that wronged the Japanese people," Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing told his visiting Japanese counterpart as China allowed new demonstrations in at least six cities.
Yeah, okay. Hey, since when have the Chinese people had free speech? The right to assemble and hold protests? Oh yeah, since never. The Chinese government doesn't allow such things, lest we forget incidents such as the Tiananmen Square massacre. The Chinese government has to have some hand in this, because they wouldn't allow it to happen otherwise. And let's face it: The authorities sitting idly by while mobs destroy stores, restaurants, cars, and windows of the consulate constitute a "wrong," I would think.

Personally, this entire affair makes me nervous. Especially the gas exploration in the sea between China and Japan. China is attempting to be aggressive, and will probably not back down in this affair. Japan will want to save face, and honor is important in their culture. This could go from bad to worse very quickly if both countries aren't willing to come to an agreement. Unfortunately, I foresee this as being a game of chicken, and Japan will back down first under pressure from the UN. We'll see if my crystal ball is working.

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