Friday, April 22, 2005

Department of Blogland Security

John Ashcroft, eat your heart out.

I've found the very interesting aspect of my sitemeter, and that is being able to see who is reading my website (by domain) and where they are coming from (by referring website). It's interesting data. I know who my returning readers are (although most of your identities are a total mystery to me).

Case in point: I have people from IWU and SEMO visiting regularly. Yet, I haven't really talked to anyone from IWU in a while. And SEMO could really only be someone(s) I went to high school with. I have a hard time imagining that random strangers care a great deal about my random tirades on politics and religion.

Well, no pressure to indentify yourselves, mysterious readers. I'm glad you keep coming back. But just so you know . . . I'm watching . . . oooooohhhhh . . . (okay, I'm done being creepy).

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