Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Chinese Christians and the UN

Above, I've linked a National Review Online article regarding the UN Commission on Human Rights and their reaction to Chinese Christians who have appeared before them, claiming to be persecuted for their faith. When one of the presenters displayed an electric baton he smuggled out of the country, which he said has been used to torture himself and others, the Chinese delegation apparently had a hissy fit. The UNCHR's reaction was to toss out the Christians. Oh, but don't worry. Even though they never wrote any resolutions condemning China's lack of religious freedom or terrible campaign against Christians, they did write four resolutions about Israel. You can sleep soundly tonight.

Let's be honest with ourselves. Given the sheer, mindboggling backwardness of thought in many of these committees, and the rampant corruption in many of their "missions," why wouldn't we want to send in someone like Bolton? His opponents' main argument has been that he's far too critical of the organization he is to be our ambassador to. Look at the UN lately! Scandal, corruption, purposeful ignorance in the face of atrocities . . . why shouldn't someone be critical of that?! Why shouldn't we send someone in who won't be satisified with business as usual?

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